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Empowering you to Create Your Highest Potential, even in Turbulent Times.

Most of us are subject to our limiting beliefs with our lives being dictated by circumstances as opposed to possibilities.


We live in a past-orientated way, allowing our experiences to form the basis of how we see and approach the world.  


Create Your Destiny is the foundational and flagship course of Natural Success, designed to give participants a thorough grounding the premises and techniques which can be used immediately to manifest next-level change.

The ground-breaking Natural Success methodology is based on Alchemy, Structural Creativity and Superconsciousness and will teach you how to create and manifest powerfully out of the emerging new.


It offers 5 unique steps to becoming a Genius Creator, empowering people to unleash their Superconscious Creativity and live the life of their dreams.



Training Themes include:

  • Creative Consciousness
  • High Level Intuition
  • Dysfunctional Belief System Education
  • Advanced Self Awareness
  • Positive Mindset Activation
  • Mechanics of Manifesting
  • Superconscious Creative Dynamics
  • Evolved Visioning Techniques
  • Empowered Choice Making


Create Your Destiny is available to all who feel called to live  as an expression of their highest potential by discovering and working with their personal Superconscious Genius.


It facilitates a practical and empowered life focus that leads to personal freedom, empowerment and success.

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    Discover how to access the specific, detailed and usable information you want from your superconscious genius.
    This is intuition training like you've never seen before. No longer will you "try" to "get a sense" of vague feelings that come and go at a whim. You'll discover precise, predictable processes for switching on your intuitive abilities and how to access stunningly accurate intuitive information on any subject.


    In the second training you will discover William Whitecloud's incredible processes and exercises that will allow you to put your new intuitive skills into action. You'll discover the life your heart is truly calling for (this is often not what people expect!) and you'll use your new intuitive abilities to access your Creative Genius to attract, create and realise a life that will make you blissfully happy and satisfied.



PLUS - You'll also get:



    A beautiful printable workbook to take notes, journal your experiences from the exercises and capture your insights and AHa! moments for future reference.


    Beautifully produced meditations from the two courses in audio format that you can download to your mobile device, so you can drop-in at any time and re-ignite that creative space and intuitive genius whenever you need it.

  • 6 Weeks Of Live Webinar Trainings

    These live trainings will give you direct access to William and his teachings plus his step by step guidance to getting the most out of the course. He'll show you how to take action and participate in the exercises so you can get a powerful and direct experience of your own Superconscious Intuitive power and use it to manifest your dream life..

  • Access to Trained Graduates for Course Guidance 

    Meet our community of Genius Creators and join them for group exercise work, practice and feedback sessions at a time that suits you. Plus find Leaders from across the world on our platform and join their teams to share your journey and experience throughout the course whilst connecting and networking with others.

  • Members Only Facebook Group

    In this exclusive Facebook group you will be able to share your learnings with others, get to know our team members and keep in touch with Natural Success news and insights.

Get on the Waiting List for Europe, Africa, Australia, New Zealand and Asia here.

Get on the Waiting List for the USA, Canada, South America and the Carribean here.

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Create Your Destiny

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William will run two trainings side by side with options for the live webinar's to suit the below regions-


  1. UK time zone (also suitable for EU, UK, Africa ) - Tuesdays 7pm London Time (90 mins)
  2. Australian time zone (suitable for Asia/Pacific) - Saturdays 9am Sydney Time (90 mins)



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Founder of Natural Success and

Best Selling Author



William Whitecloud is the author of The Magician's Way, The Last Shaman and more recently Secrets of Natural Success.

With 25 years experience teaching the ground-breaking methodology that forms the Natural Success curriculum, William has helped thousands of people across the world discover their highest creative potential and achieve huge success. 

 Based on Alchemy, Structural Creativity and Super Consciousness, William guides people to unleash their creative potential through his revolutionary trainings  and the power of intuition.

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