Natural Success Training Terms and Conditions

Updated 03 June, 2021

Yes William, I agree that by continuing with this cart I understand and will abide the following:

1- I certify that I am over 18 and that any party attending (that I am purchasing a licence for) is also over 18 years of age.

2- I agree that I take full responsibility for myself and release you (William Whitecloud LLC and Natural Success), your business and your team from any damages resulting in my participation whatsoever, even if as a result of my, your, or their negligence.

3- I understand that this work requires a level of emotional and psychological fitness, and that it's on me to decide whether I'm up for that, and by registering my attendance, I am confirming that I am.

4- I understand that you (William Whitecloud LLC and Natural Success) reserve the right to exclude my access to any of your trainings at any point if you determine that my participation is not a good fit.

5 - I agree to the Natural Success Payment Terms and understand that refunds can not be processed after 7 days.  Read more

6 - I understand that by sharing my login or any content from the online course platform, I would be in breach of copyright and I would forfeit my access to the course and could be subject to legal action.

7 - I agree to the Natural Success Privacy Policy, read more here.

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